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Intervertebral herniation - treatment


Disk herniation treatment by non-surgical method, treatment of diabetes mellitus, psoriasis, cerebral palsy, arthrose.

This information project will allow anyone to have a direct connection with professional with many years of successful experience in overcoming such diseases:
межпозвоночная грыжа

- Intervertebral herniation, protrusion, disk herniation
- neuralgia;
- cerebral palsy;
- psoriasis;
- diabetes mellitus;
- arthrose;
- scoliosis;
- arthritis, etc.

Successful own practical achievements and continuous tracking of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment allow effectively achieve the goals. 

Qualified individual approach to each patient, the close and timely communication physician-patient during treatment, support of patients - these are the opportunities offered by our site.

With best wishes Nikolay Shulga - neurologist with more than 30 years of experience.

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